Invest Like A PRO Series – Part 2 | The Money SMARTS System

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One thing we are confident about is, unlike an off-the-shelf budgeting app, this actually works. We are using Money SMARTS System ourselves and had implemented it for hundreds of clients. It’s practical, easy to implement and would make sure you don’t “unconsciously” overspend.

But don’t take our word for it, below are some feedbacks from our clients and podcast listeners.


The first thing I implemented after reading your book was the Money Smarts System.

After 7hrs of putting together our income & expenses for the last financial year into a spreadsheet (over 1300 entries, gosh I spend a lot!) we can clearly see our income, fixed expenses, home loan payments plus living & lifestyle expenses clearly through graphs and numbers.

We are in a position where we r in our mid 30’s, we have no savings and constantly want to get ahead. Its a merry go round, money comes in, money goes out and we really want to slow the money going out to have surplus at the end of the day. So we are excited to have started the Money Smarts System and change our spending habits! – Rebecca C.


I thought we were good at managing money before, but since starting to use the Money SMARTS system we are now so much more in control. Thank you! – Bonnie C.


We have restructured our accounts using the money SMARTS system and have really started our journey towards building an investment property portfolio. I honestly cannot thank you both enough for what I’ve learned thus far and I owe you even more for what I’ll learn in the future. – Dave & Tegan


We get so many of these types of emails and comments about how it has provided household with a far clearer picture of their finance and as you have a clearer picture, that’s when you can work out how much you can afford to invest! If you are not sure how to implement this checklist or need some help, send in your questions and we’ll answer them in our future Q&A episodes.

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