Dr. Michael Gervais

For our 500th episode, we have the extraordinary Dr. Michael Gervais joining us on the couch! Michael is a world-renowned high-performance psychologist who specialises in the relationship between the mind and human performance.

He is a bestselling author of “The First Rule of Mastery”, host of the popular “Finding Mastery” podcast, and co-creator of the “Finding Your Best” self-improvement course.

Over his remarkable 20-year career, Michael has developed a unique mental framework and skill set that has empowered NFL Super Bowl champions, Olympic athletes, Fortune 50 CEOs, world record holders, and internationally acclaimed music artists to excel under pressure.

In Episode 500, he’ll share this straightforward approach to self-mastery and personal development, demonstrating how it can be applied beyond the stage to one’s personal life and finances.

Premieres 3pm, June 27th 


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What’s in store…

  • ⭐ The true definition of Self-Mastery (+ the top 3 things you can train to achieve it)
  • ⭐ Why being present is “the keyhole” to high performance
  • ⭐ The only 3 criteria Michael uses before investing his time
  • ⭐ His Money Story: From sticks and first sacrifices to socialist businesses
  • ⭐ FOPO: What’s this fallacy that’s hardcoded into our brains? Is it possible to overcome?
  • ⭐ The Spotlight Effect: Are you falling into it?
  • ⭐ Lessons Michael has learned from talking to the world’s best and more!


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Justin Nickerson

Join us for today’s episode as we dive into the world of auctioning in Australia with Justin Nickerson, Director of Apollo Auctions. Justin, the only Australian to win the Australasian Auctioneer of the Year award three times, brings unparalleled expertise to the table. From revealing buyer strategies to sharing essential auctioneering skills, Justin’s insights are invaluable. Don’t miss out on this jam-packed episode filled with wisdom! Tune in now!

Paul Ryan

Please welcome Paul Ryan, REA Economist and specialist in Housing Finance, Market Forecasting, and Big Data Analysis. With a decade of experience at the Reserve Bank of Australia, Paul brings extensive expertise in the Australian economy, particularly housing markets and lending risks.

In today’s discussion, we’ll tap into Paul’s insights to understand the behavior of property investors. From analyzing shifting trends in house moves to navigating the complexities of current investment policies, Paul offers valuable perspectives on investor decision-making.

Chad Townsend

We had the pleasure of sitting down with NRL superstar Chad Townsend. This episode isn’t just for sports lovers – it’s packed with inspiration and wisdom that resonates with everyone.

Chad’s journey from buying his first property at 17 to his current success is truly inspiring. We discuss trusting instincts, building trustworthy relationships, investing early, and the timeless principles of discipline and hard work.

Plus, Chad shares valuable insights into the importance of engaging a Buyer’s Agent and what lies ahead for him beyond NRL.

Hon. Dominic Perrottet MP

Get ready for a captivating episode as Ben and Bryce host a special guest in Episode 411: The Hon Dominic Perrottet MP, NSW Premier and Member for Epping in the NSW Legislative Assembly.

In this jam-packed episode, Ben & Bryce pitch a radical idea to the PM. They also delve into NSW’s latest property reforms and their crucial role in addressing the looming housing affordability crisis, facilitating wealth creation and homeownership for everyday Aussies, and shaping the trajectory of Australia’s property market.

But there’s more! The conversation extends to insights into how The Hon Dominic Perrottet navigates through bureaucratic hurdles, offering a glimpse into the management of an entire state. Plus, discover Dominic’s intriguing money story from his upbringing, which includes a self-funded school exchange trip!

Join us for an engaging and enlightening episode featuring passionate discussions and invaluable insights from our esteemed guest. Tune in now!

Eleanor Creagh

Get ready to uncover the truth behind Australia’s rental crisis and gain insider insights into the real estate market with our special guest today!

Introducing Eleanor Creagh, the Senior Economist at REA Group, the mastermind behind realestate.com.au, and a trusted financial commentator. With expertise in property, financial markets, and macroeconomic policy, Eleanor brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table, both domestically and internationally.

Darius Boyd

This week’s episode shifts focus from AFL banter to the world of NRL (National Rugby League), featuring one of its standout athletes – Darius Boyd, renowned for his versatility across multiple positions for the Brisbane Broncos. With international representation and Queensland State of Origin appearances under his belt, Boyd captained the Brisbane Broncos from 2017 to 2019 and boasts a decorated 15-year career, including 2 NRL Grand Final victories.

However, the episode takes a poignant turn, delving into Boyd’s humble beginnings, where financial struggles were a reality even as basic as affording bus fare home. Raised by his mother and later his grandmother at just 15, Boyd’s journey navigates from tight budgets to sudden financial abundance at 18.

Nicola McDougall

We now have the privilege of hosting Nicola McDougall, an esteemed figure in the realm of property investment and financial empowerment. Nicola serves as the Chair of the Property Investment Professionals of Australia (PIPA), Director of Bricks & Mortar media, and co-author of the acclaimed book, “The Female Investor: Creating Wealth, Security, and Freedom through Property”.

Nicola’s journey from journalist to property investor is not only inspiring but also deeply informative. Her commitment to empowering individuals, particularly women, is evident in her extensive experience and dedication to the cause. Throughout our conversation, we delve into Nicola’s remarkable trajectory, her significant contributions to PIPA, and the underlying vision driving her latest book.

Scott Phillips

Get ready to uncover the secrets to investment success with Scott Phillips! As the Chief Investment Officer at Motley Fool Australia and co-host of the Motley Fool Podcast, Scott is here to share his wisdom on what truly drives successful investing. From identifying investment-grade businesses to his golden rules for success, Scott’s insights are not to be missed. Join us as we delve into the differences between shares and property investing and peel back the layers of Scott’s money story.

Steve Mickenbecker

Get ready to dive into the world of finance with none other than Steve Mickenbecker! As a key player on Canstar’s Group Executive Team, Steve is not just any financial services expert – he’s at the forefront of Australia’s financial scene, bringing his wealth of experience and insight to the table. With a finger on the pulse of Australia’s financial landscape, Steve is the go-to guru for everything from home loans to superannuation, mortgages to credit cards, and everything in between. His expertise spans the spectrum of financial topics, making him a trusted source for navigating the twists and turns of the financial world.

Join us as we embark on an exciting journey through the complexities of home and contents insurance with Steve Mickenbecker as our guide.


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