500 | Dr. Michael Gervais: Why FOPO Holds Us Back & What to Do About it!

When we started this podcast nearly a decade ago, we never imagined we’d reach this milestone… 

🎉 🎉 🎉 Well folks, here we are celebrating our 500TH EPISODE!!  🎉🎉🎉 

A massive thank you to our incredible, go-getter community, we’re so proud and grateful to have built, and be part of, such an amazing group of people.  

To mark this huge milestone, we’ve invited a leader in his field – someone who helps others achieve their best. 

Please welcome one of the world’s best high-performance psychologist…

Dr. Michael Gervais! 🎤✨ 

Michael is a bestselling author, host of the popular “Finding Mastery” podcast and co-creator of the “Finding Your Best” self-improvement course. (phew!)  

With over 20 years of experience working with elite athletes, military personnel, and top executives, he’s sharing his wisdom on the Art of Self-Mastery and why being present is “the keyhole to the good life.”   

From his 3 criteria to consider BEFORE investing your time, to practical mental defence tools like the Screens technique, Michael teaches us how to apply these concepts to life, money, finance, and lifestyle by design. 

It’s a milestone episode with a guest who has absolutely blown our hair back. Give it a listen now, folks! 🔥 


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  • 0:00 – Dr Michael Gervais: Why FOPO Holds Us Back & What to Do About it! 
  • 1:17 – It’s our 500th episode! 🎉 
  • 4:13 – Mindset Minute: “The sooner you fundamentally change your relationship with other people’s opinions, the sooner you become…”  
  • 4:45 – Welcome Dr. Michael Gervais! 
  • 6:07 – How will this episode make a meaningful difference to your life?  
  • 8:55 – Michael’s Money Story: From sticks to sacrifices 
  • 12:11 – The conversation that changed his life 
  • 14:37 – His pivot point and saving his way to the nest egg
  • 18:10 – “Cash is king”   
  • 20:48 – Role Reversal: What was the driving force for Ben & Bryce to invest in property?  
  • 24:37 – CEOs, Skydiving Records and Olympic Games: How Michael ended up choosing jobs beyond the money  
  • 32:20 – The 3 Criteria for Making Decisions  
  • 33:21 – Above The Line vs. Below The Line work 
  • 34:52 – The definition of self-mastery & the ONLY 3 things you can train 
  • 37:57 – The Foundation of Your Philosophy: What is FOPO?  
  • 41:39 – Why is FOPO hard-coded into our brains? 
  • 44:01 – The impact of “social envy” platforms  
  • 45:31 – Is it possible to solve this primal fear?  
  • 51:28 – If you want to achieve the “good life”, you MUST work on this…  
  • 56:16 – When is Michael most vulnerable to FOPO?  
  • 57:10 – When he met David Goggins  
  • 59:11 – What Michael’s learned from speaking to the world’s best 
  • 1:01:21 – The Spotlight Effect  
  • 1:02:08 – The Screens: Use this tool to help you filter people’s opinion 


  • 1:06:55 – Thank you, Michael! What an amazing episode 😊 
  • 1:09:09 – Win Michael’s Finding Mastery course for free! Here’s how.  
  • 1:10:24 – Lifehack: The screen test in action  
  • 1:14:42 – Reflections & Thank Yous!  



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