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Thank you for your interest but we’ve hit our limit of 100 volunteers already. The response on this was more than what we expected!

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Do you have some doubts on a particular property that you own?

Are you wondering if you should let it go?

Are you interested in using data to back up this decision?


If you answered yes to all of the questions above, we want to hear from you!

We are looking for 100 volunteers to trial and kick the tyres for this new software that we are hoping to launch soon but we need a good sample size of property owners to test it first.

We can’t give anymore away but this beta testing will require you to fill in 3 surveys. You’ll need to spend no more than a couple of hours for this testing, spanning across a week.

And of course, as part of a recognition and appreciate to your time and effort, we will be giving you a FREE ONE MONTH Access to our Location Research Software, LocationScore!





Case Study for Single 30-something Investor (How to Build a Property Portfolio to Retire on $2,000 a week in Passive Income)

Hi Couchers! The Case Study for Single 30-something Investor demonstration is finally here! We know some of you have been waiting for this one since our second Facebook Live back in September. Thank you for your patience and let’s not wait any longer, just fill in the form below and we’ll send you the link to start watching the Case Study Demonstration on How to Build a Property Portfolio to Retire on $2,000 a week in Passive Income for a Single 30-something!


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Bryce and Ben have been providing me with free property education each and every week. They start from the beginning and lay out the who, what where, when and how of investing in property. Being a frequent listener of their podcasts and also a reader of their book, I have gained so much confidence and feel education enough to take the next step and begin looking for my investment savvy team! In addition – these guys have a great yarn, share some incredible dad jokes (yes, you Ben!), interview intelligent, professional, positive people and they’ve even lead me in the direction of self motivation; pointing me to the likes of Zig Ziglar. The Property Couch has become part of my life an I thank you gents and Ivise for providing such a great podcast for people to better their financial situations! I’ve recommended the podcast and your book to friend and family! – Cory on iTunes, June 2016

58 | Will apartments value drop by 50%?

In recent weeks, a few lenders have begin to tighten their terms and conditions on apartments in certain suburbs across Australia. Needless to say, some commentators are putting a blanket statement on the future of apartments and claims that they are looking rather bleak at the moment. However, how much impact will these changes have on apartments value and if so, will it affect all types of apartments?

Listeners that have followed this podcast since its inception would know about Bryce and Ben’s view on apartments. Whether it is a brand new one bedroom apartment in the city centre or an attractive off the plan deal, our hosts still prefer established apartments in great locations. As property investment advisor and buyer’s agents, they have advised hundreds of clients to invest in apartments so, are they worried about this lending restriction? Are they expecting a massive drop in apartments value and where are they seeing this happening? Listen to this podcast to find out more.


The article mentioned in this post:

  • Apartment lender AMP blacklists more than 140 suburbs – Read more


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