iTunes Top 200 Episode Ranking | January 2019

We’ve got ten episodes that are currently ranking in the Top 200 Podcast Episodes across Australia in the Business Category!

And looks like our Summer Series 2018/19 has hit the right spot with 7 out of the 10 coming from the Series!

Thank you so much for your support in 2018 folks and for 2019, as Australia’s No.1 Property Podcast, we promise we’ll continue to bring practical contents and inspiring guests on the show!


Now, are you wondering which of the episodes is currently trending? Here’s the list!

Rank 4: Episode 211 | Jillian Stewart – How to Build a Portfolio OUTSIDE the Capital Cities

Rank 18: Episode 210 | John Hartill – How to Recover from Making Every Mistake Possible in the Investing Game

Rank 64: Episode 209 | Veronica Morgan – From the Coalface of the Sydney Property Market

Rank 68: Episode 208 | Tom Panos – Making MORE Money While You Sleep in 2019

Rank 111: Episode 004 | Four Pillars of Mastery – Borrowing Power

Rank 116: Episode 207 | Pete Wargent – The Real Story Behind the Charts

Rank 142: Episode 206 | Nerida Conisbee – What’s Happening Around the Grounds in the Australian Property Market?

Rank 164: Episode 204 | Peter Koulizos – What he’d like to do about Negative Gearing

Rank 179: Episode 006 | Four Pillars of Mastery – Defence

Rank 181: Episode 003 | Four Pillars of Mastery – Cash Flow Management


And by the way, Peter Koulizos’s episode was downloaded 6,000+ times and this TPC Gold below garnered more than 14,000 views and was shared over 62 times!
Why was is shared so many times? Watch it below or click here to find out. 🙂


And of course, if you got a question on Property, Finance and Money Management? Just write them in below and we’ll answer them on the podcast! Or you can also let us know on SpeakPipe!



Our Summer Series 2018/19!

For our Summer Series this time, we’re including everyone in our community; both experts of the industry as well as our fellow listeners!
Yes, it’s never been done before and what’s more, we are producing it TWICE A WEEK!

No doubt it’s a bit tricky but it’s all worth it. The wisdom and inspiration from our guests are exceptional.

You do not want to miss this series folks! 

So to help you catch up, here’s a link of all our Summer Series episode. Enjoy!


Thank you once again to all our guests for joining is on the show. It was an absolute pleasure chatting with all of you superstars and we look forward to a great 2019 ahead!


And if YOU would like to share your story with us, we’d love to hear it! Just fill in the form below and we’ll get in touch when our next series start. 😉

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What is our TPC Gold Videos?

You’ve probably heard us talking about our TPC Gold videos a few times and wondered to yourself…. Whaaaaat?

We understand. It can be a little confusing, especially if you’re not on Facebook or YouTube.

And that is why we are creating this post to help explain what TPC Gold Videos are!

So…. In very simple words, they are snippets of the podcast that we think are helpful (a.k.a. GOLD!) to our listeners.

When we started the podcast back in 2015, the episodes were just a mere 15 minutes but as time goes by, it gets longer and longer. In fact, for Episode 200 with Paul Clitheroe, the episode was 1 hour and 51 minutes long! So we get it. Sometimes people don’t have that much time in place even if they are playing the episode in x2 speed.

That’s why we created this segment called TPC Gold where Stiggy would look and cut up the parts of the podcast that would help our community out. Most snippets are only 1 to 2 minutes long so there are no more excuses not to try and expand your understanding of property, finance and money management! 🙂

What are you waiting for? Click here to watch all the videos now or you can check a few of them out below first!
And of course, you can always download our Free Binge Guide to Property here to catch all the Gold in the First 20 Episodes of the show!




iTunes Top 200 Episode Ranking | Dec 2018

If you haven’t noticed all the excitement around the podcast and on our socials yet… We’ll be happy to repeat it all over again. 🙂

We’ve just hit our 200th Episode!

But that’s not the best part…


Ben was running around high-fiving almost everyone in the office when Paul agreed to come on. As a property, finance and money management podcast, we couldn’t ask for more,
So here’s our Top Episode ranking for December 2018. Hope you like them.


Rank 4: Episode 200 | Paul Clitheroe – Timeless Wisdom from the Original “Money” Guru

Rank 33: Episode 199 | Q & A – Future Proofing your Portfolio in a Changing Market

Rank 78: Episode 197 | Our Embarrassing True Stories: What Was Money Like in Our Own Lives?

Rank 103: Episode 198 | Nine Ways to Navigate the Credit Crunch

Rank 108: Episode 191 | Seven Steps to Make Money Simple Again

Rank 119: Episode 195 | Property Bubble or Property Balloon?

Rank 146: Episode 004 | Four Pillars of Mastery – Borrowing Power

Rank 152: Episode 001 | We Fix Bad Property Investment Advice

Rank 154: Episode 003 | Four Pillars of Mastery – Cash Flow Management

Rank 171: Episode 037 | Understanding the Scarcity factor in Property Investment


We’re just putting it out there now that the chat with Paul did go a little longer than usual. But it’s worth every single minute of it!
Don’t believe us? Here’s one of the best tip he shared in the episode!:

Tune in today to Paul Clitheroe – Timeless Wisdom from the Original “Money” Guru


And of course, if you got a question on Property, Finance and Money Management? Just write them in below and we’ll answer them on the podcast! Or you can also let us know on SpeakPipe!



Your Binge Guide to the Foundations of Property, Finance and Money Management

It’s FINALLY here! Now we know that it’s getting harder and harder to catch up to all our episodes. That is why we’ve prepared this Cheatsheet to our First 20 Episodes of the podcast because these episodes are all about the foundation of property, finance and money management. In other words, it’s alright if you skip some of the podcast but not these ones! 🙂

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What to expect in this 90-pages long Cheatsheet? 

  • The Foundational Knowledge in each of the First 20 Episodes
  • The Absolute GOLD that you should not miss out on!
  • Short snippets of quotes from Bryce and Ben that makes all the difference
  • Links to all the Free Resources that they mention in those episodes
  • Additional bonuses that will help you in understanding the Fundamentals more!
  • And of course… Charts and graphs that you can’t find on the podcast!

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