Episode 402 | Do You Need a Buyers Agent in Today’s Market? (Part 1)

If you’ve been listening to the podcast recently, you’d know that we’ve been encouraging folks out there to keep investing despite today’s property market – basically, to be “greedy when others are fearful,” in the wise words of Warren Buffet!

But…how are you supposed to get into the market – or even make progress – when you don’t have the experience or the time to invest? 

Folks, the answer is a Buyers Agent! 

We’ll be deep diving into what a Buyers Agent actually does, the #5 critical roles they fulfil on behalf of their buyer and why they are super beneficial for folks looking to invest in today’s property market!


Here’s a teaser of the #3 biggest reasons to use them… 

#1: The Herd is ______  

#2: The War Chest is Getting ____   

#3: The ____in the Desert 


And you can be sure you’re hearing this from a real industry expert…Yep. For those of you that didn’t know, Bryce is a Buyers Agent himself with more than 18 years of experience under his belt!!! 

But we aren’t just giving you the positives – we’ll also be sharing the top 3 things to consider BEFORE taking on a Buyers Agents and the red flags which indicate it’s a no-go.   

Listen now to understand the importance of a Buyers Agent and if you really need one in today’s environment!!  


P.S. And because we’ve got SO much gold to share on this topic, we’ve had to break it into a 2-Part Series!! Stay tuned next week when Ben and Bryce share real-life stories and one of our favourite Winters Series Guest will return for a special appearance….😉


Free Stuff Mentioned… 


Here’s some of the gold we cover… 

  • 0:00 – A sneak peek of today’s episode… 
  • 1:53 – Let’s dissect RBA’s New Announcement  
  • 5:20 – Nervous about rising rates? Listen to this part! (We all have those feelings too)  
  • 14:18 – What does it really cost you?  
  • 15:40 – A disclaimer from Bryce (Key Message: Take value where you see fit!)  
  • 17:25 – So…what is a Buyers Agent??  
  • 18:28 – The 8 Critical Roles they fill  
  • 19:32 – The 10,000 Hours: What makes a good Buyers Agent?  
  • 25:26 – The 2 things a Buyers Agent MUST be good at!!  
  • 27:53 – The two biggest anxiety points during a transaction!   
  • 29:20 – Sometimes it’s your f____ and f_____ who are the hardest to convince! 
  • 30:22 – Looking to get a Depreciation Schedule done (or fresh content straight in your inbox?!) Tune in here.  
  • 32:23: Lets Recap! 
  • 33:13 –The Buyers Agent Equation: How do you benefit?  
  • 34:16 – The #5 Unreplaceable Benefits of Using a Buyers Agents 
  • 40:40 – The Unseen Advantages 
  • 41:45 – A teaser of next week…(Real stories from Bryce & Ben?! One of our fav winter series guests is coming back?? Yes please!)  
  • 42:29 – The Home Buyer brief vs. The Investors brief 
  • 44:35 – Generally, Home Buyers get charged….more?!  
  • 45:43 – The 3 Services: Full vs. Negotiation Only vs. Hybrid 
  • 47:47 – The most time-consuming part of the job is…. 
  • 50:02 – 3 Things to Consider BEFORE selecting a Buyers Agent! – #1) I_D_ _EN_ _ C_  
  • 52:31 – #2) F_ _ _ (The ULTIMATE Betrayal!)  
  • 56:15 – #3) LI_E_S_  
  • 57:58 – Our Top #3 Reasons to Use a Buyers Agent right now…. 
  • 58:41 – Reason 1: The Herd is ______ 
  • 1:00:05 – How it relates to BOTH Economic Theory & Human Behaviour!  
  • 1:06:10 – Why you should expect to feel uncertain (Ask your family THIS question…)  
  • 1:08:37 – Reason 2: The War Chest is Getting ____  
  • 1:11:14 – Reason 3: The ____in the Desert 
  • 1:13:38 – In summary: How can Buyers Agent’s help today?   



RBA Cash Rate August 2022: Inching Closer to a Neutral Cash Rate!

As we welcome in a new financial year, we welcome another not-so-surprising change…

The Reserve Bank of Australia has once again lifted the cash rate by 50 basis points, bringing the official rate to 1.85%. This marks the most aggressive rate rise in a 3-month period since 1994 (If you’re wondering,  back then the RBA lifted the cash rate by 200 basis points)

Tune in as Ben breaks down what this hike means in the big picture and unpack these key themes:  

  • Is the world’s biggest economy in a recession already?  
  • The manufactured economic slowdown is now in full swing with another rate rise this month 
  • Unemployment surprises in the upside beating all forecasts for July 


Plus, Ben also includes his latest news and commentary on…

👉 The good and the bad: US Property Market slowdown & the raw material rebound

👉 Unpacking 2 key US data reports: Consumer Price & Core inflation   

👉 China’s largest COVID outbreak since 2020 – How is their economic recovery looking? 

👉 The European Central Bank’s first cash rate hike in 11 years  

👉 Unlocking the mindset of the Australian consumer – are we in crisis mode? 

👉 Retail Sales & Inflation: The Biggest Predictor of Slowing Rates  

👉 Property Price Slump: Should you be worried? 

👉  CoreLogic’s Home Value Index – 1 August 2022 

And much more! 


Additional free resources:

🔥 Episode 169 | Alan Oster – NAB’s Group Chief Economist – on Interest-Rate Rise, Tax Cut and The Future of Residential Property

🔥 Episode 389 | Interest Rate Rise: What this means for YOU! – Chat with Evan Lucas

🔥 Episode 390 | Will Interest Rates CRASH the Property Market?!


And One Final Word…

If you’re worried about your finances or if you have no clarity on your cash flow position, we strongly recommend you to organise your finances now. It’s more important than ever to have a clear view, down to the exact cent, on how much you’re spending each month and how much surplus you’ve got. If you don’t know it, then log in to your Money SMARTS Platform here and update the numbers.

Don’t have an account yet? Create your free access below and we’ll also send you an e-copy of the instruction manual which is also our best-seller book, Make Money Simple Again. Just fill in the form below and we’ll email it to you right away.



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