Episode 401 | How Old is Too Old?! Refinancing, Retiring Debt & Starting Later in Life

We recently hosted our first webinar in nearly 2 years and — WOW what a time! With nearly 1.4K attendees, we shared tons of investing gold and received so many fantastic questions that we couldn’t NOT turn them into a Q&A session today 😉

That’s why today we’re answering one of the most common Qs we received:


How old is TOO old to start investing?!?”  


Like…how do Offset, Interest-Only & Principal Interest Only accounts work (in practical terms) to help you retire your debt? What are the fundamentals of Amortisation (we promise it’s not as scary as it sounds) and when are you too old to refinance a loan??  

We’re answering how you can use all of this to best position yourself for retirement, plus…

For single parents, Ben provides his #1 piece of advice to for building wealth into your retirement and we dive into diversification and buying the same suburb.  

So much to unpack, digest, and replay time and time again. Start streaming now for some evergreen content folks!!  


Questions We Answer…

Q1) Vaughan Nicholson on A question regarding retiring debt: 

I understand how filling up your offset account for your PPOR saves you a lot of interest and once offset is full you are only paying principal. 

The plan is then to increase money in offset account linked to investment property (IO loan) – I get that when that offset account is full then you are paying no interest on the loan. 

But what does that actually mean practically for an IO loan? Wouldn’t the bank still require the minimum repayment per month, irrespective of how much is in offset? Once you’ve filled your offsets, do you ever actually pay off the loan? Do you then switch to P&I as you’d be paying no interest? 


Q2) Stewart Cameron on Oldest age to reset to a 30 year loan 

[I’m] interested to know what the oldest age is that you can re finance to a 30-year loan? Assuming there is an age you hit where you can’t physically pay back the remaining debt…
If you’re in your 40’s will they still extend it out that long? 

Q3) Linoy John on Buying two properties in the same suburb 

Hi Bryce,
This question is for you as you were from Leeming. I have 2 properties in Willetton – 1PPOR & 1IP. Have I made a bad choice in purchasing a second time in the same suburb?

Q4) Stephen Moore on Investing for Single Parents 

At 47, renting and an income of 120000. Is it possible to be in the game to create wealth for a retirement? I don’t own a principal place but have savings of 180k.
Cheers, single dad 

 Some Listener Encouragement  

Hi Ben and Bryce.
My name is Arron, I was the one who purchased a Brunswick apartment in 2014, and contacted you with questions, then my story became Property Couch’s very first case study, in Episode 15!

I thank you both for the wisdom that you teach. 8 years on, I am still your regular listener, and I am still holding on that Brunswick apartment for cash flow. Although I have added one more townhouse into my portfolio 5 years ago.


Free Stuff Mentioned… 


Here’s some of the gold we cover… 

  • 0:00 – A snapshot of this week’s episode  
  • 1:58- If you’re new here, listen to this!!!  
  • 4:12 – How can you make your life matter? (Bryce’s Epiphany!)  
  • 9:34 – Q1) A question regarding retiring debt 
  • 10:26 – Amortisation: Let’s Break Down This Scary Word  
  • 13:30 – So, how often is interest calculated???  
  • 14:41 – Simple vs. Compounding Interest: How you can pay off your loan quicker!  
  • 16:30 – A Practical Guide to Offsets, Interest-Only & Principal Interest Only! 
  • 18:30 – When you would or wouldn’t use your offset to pay off your loan… 
  • 20:50 – Let’s Summarise!  
  • 21:54 – How can you place yourself in the best position for retirement?  
  • 23:59 – The Backstory to Q2 (Paying more interest…could actually be a good thing?!?)  
  • 26:59 – Q2) Oldest age to reset to a 30-year loan 
  • 27:23 – THIS is when you should be worried!! 
  • 28:04 – How lenders typically analyse older refinancing loans…  
  • 29:47 – Use this 1 thing to manage this minefield folks!
  • 31:10 – Our Answer: How old is too old to start investing??  
  • 32:26 – Q3) Buying two properties in the same suburb 
  • 33:04 – Let’s assess her Asset Selection 
  • 34:07 – How can you work in Diversification??  
  • 35:51 – Has she made a bad choice by buying in the same suburb?  
  • 36:53 – Refresher Class: The Fundamentals of Asset Selection!  
  • 38:59 – Q4) Investing for Single Parents 
  • 40:09 – Ben’s #1 Recommendation 
  • 43:37 – Why it’s so important to seek professional advice!  
  • 44:50 – Listener Encouragement: Arron – from our very first Case Study – is back!  


  • 45:45 – Why do we promote buying established properties? (This is a REAL message we received) 
  • 49:50 – Anxious about rising interest rates? Tune in here for a deep dive into the 2021 Census Data to allay those fears!  
  • 56:05 – Folks, remember these are actually amazing times for investors!!  
  • 57:14 – Mortgage Jail: Why is it happening?
  • 59:18 – Our Key Message for investing in today’s environment!  


Episode 400 | 4% Chance of Survival: The Story of Perseverance You Will Find Hard to Believe! – Chat with Michael Crossland

Imagine, as a child, being diagnosed with an incurable cancer of the central nervous system. Imagine being told that you only have a 4% chance of survival.

Now imagine being offered hope – a shot at life – as a patient in a new cancer drug trial. But…as the days and months creep by, seeing all the other children slowly passing away, one by one, until you are the only survivor left.

Folks, this gut-wrenching, heart hammering vision is the TRUE story of Michael Crossland, the man who survived and continues to beat the odds, every single day.


In celebration of our 400th episode on the couch, we wanted to give you a story as amazing and meaningful as the milestone you’ve all helped us achieve. A GIGANTIC thank you to all our listeners who tune in every week, we are humbled and honoured to be able to help you on your financial journey. 😊


And Michael is the perfect guest for this.

A businessman and elite sportsman, Michael is at the forefront of today’s new generation of inspirational speakers and is one the most in demand and highly respected speakers in Australia. After releasing his first ‘tell all’ autobiography, Everything Will Be OK: A Story of Hope, Love and Perspective, in 2016, he is now a number 1 bestselling author across 6 different countries.

He’ll be sharing his continued struggle for life, spending ¼ of his entire life in hospital, yet continuing to persevere and grow from pro-athlete to successful businessman. From the heart attack which ended his sporting career to the numerous knockdowns, Michael shares with us his story and how he – and you – can overcome any challenge in life.


Folks, this may be one of our most inspirational and eye-opening episodes, please just tune in to hear the pure gold and wisdom that Michael has to share.


P.S. In case you missed it…we’ve recently rebranded our MyWealth Portal! Introducing Moorr – your new and improved home for all your financial affairs! We’ll be adding more exciting features soon so why not login (or create a free account) and update your details so you don’t miss any of the good stuff. Start achieving more, with moor today 😊 >>  www.moorr.com.au


Stuff Mentioned… 


Here’s some of the gold we cover… 

  • 0:40 – Our 400th Episode folks… Thank YOU!
  • 1:00 – Meet our very special guest, Michael Crossland!
  • 4:43 – How was the money conversation like growing up?
  • 6:21 – One simple question that his mum asked the doctor that saved his life…
  • 7:58 – Being the 25th candidate for an experimental drug… And the only survivor.
  • 10:32 – How did he achieve one of his BIGGEST dream as a kid despite having a heart attack?!
  • 12:20 – Michael’s challenge to our listeners.
  • 16:20 – The financial inspiration while working at Ritz Carlton…
  • 20:17 – What are the 3P’s that will drive and yet, destroy people?
  • 22:00 – How did all his near-death moments shape his mindset?
  • 24:21 – The worst investment decision he ever made was driven by _ _ _
  • 26:34 – Michael’s discovery when he had hit rock bottom
  • 33:19 – The Passenger vs The Pilot
  • 38:34 – His transition out of the corporate ladder that led him to Haiti
  • 42:15 – Founding the Frontier Projects Charity
  • 43:55 – What triggered him to writing his autobiography, Everything Will Be OK: A Story of Hope, Love and Perspective?
  • 47:41 – The THREE MANTRAS Michael used to overcome his fears and stay mentally and emotionally sharp
  • 51:30 – His most challenging yet the most rewarding experience of his life…
  • 54:40 – Folks, do not miss this quote.
  • 58:29 – What are the next chapters of his journey?


  • 1:10:55 – What Grade of Financial Wellbeing are you?
  • 1:13:52 – Bryce’s Lifehack for our 400th Episode!
  • 1:16:05 – Our present to you to help you achieve more, with Moorr!







Ep 399 | “I Just Wanted to Keep the Party Going!”: From Overcoming Addiction to a 4 Investment Property Plan – Chat with Alex

“It was almost considered rude in our family to be talking about how money is generated and how much of it is generated, and where it goes. We were sort of told to mind our own business…” 

Folks, we’re finishing our 2022 Winter Series on a high with a guest with an amazing tale that shows the undeniable power of changing your mindset to change your life 


Today’s special guest – Alex – grew up in a household where discussing money was actually considered….rude :O. And this seed grew into a tree of bad money habits and sadly, fed into his alcoholism.  

Expecting to “rent forever” and living cheaply so he could splurge on the weekends, Alex wasn’t thinking about the future, or family, at all… 

So how has he completely transformed from this state, full of years of traumatic money lessons and spendthrift behaviours, into his new life rich with self-funded travel experiences, financial freedom AND a positive mindset towards money?!

(We will say he had a “knight in shining armour” by the name of Sabrina who helped steer him in the right direction 😉)  

And did we mention he had also gone 474 days without a drop when we spoke to him?! Amazing stuff. 

Folks this story is so mind-blowingly raw and honest that we just want to give both Alex (and his Mum AND all his pillars of support) a gigantic hug through the soundwaves. 

Tune in now to learn how planning has allowed Alex to not only change his entire financial story but has helped him to beat his addiction.  So.much.gold!!!!! 👏👏👏 



P.S And folks, make sure you stay tuned for next week’s episode ‘cos it’s a HUGE milestone for us….Yep. It’s our 400th episode!!!!! And you can be sure we’ve got a super-fantastic-hyper-awesome guest in store for you – watch this space!!! 


Free Stuff Mentioned… 


Here’s some of the gold we cover… 

  • 0:40 – All great things must end…🙁  
  • 2:45 – Meet Alex!  
  • 3:21 – Money Conversations in Alex’s house were considered…rude?!?! 
  • 5:21 – How 2 different upbringings created 2 VERY different money habits…. 
  • 6:38 – His parent’s divorce 🙁
  • 8:02 – His Teenage Years (aka. Putting money where he DEFINITELY shouldn’t have)  
  • 10:18 – So..what changed his ways?  
  • 12:20 – Alex’s Battle with Alcoholism 
  • 13:55 – How did a lack of Money Conversations affect Alex??  
  • 17:06 – His Mum’s Financial Story as a Superhero Single Mother  
  • 18:16 – “I just wanted to keep the party going…”  
  • 20:00 – The 2 mentors that changed his views on wealth-building… 
  • 22:52 – The events that switched “ON” Alex’s aspirations! 
  • 26:23 – What Drove Them to Seek Professional Advice  
  • 28:28 – So how did his brother’s financial story turn out??  
  • 31:24 – How having plans has helped Alex turn it all around
  • 34:31 – How this family is balancing love of travel, experiences AND wealth-building!! 
  • 37:02 – The Process of Creating the Plan (Did they get that Beach House?!)  
  • 41:49 – Folks, this is why starting TODAY is key!  
  • 44:36 – Why James Simon is actually better at investing than Warren Buffet?!?! 
  • 46:13 – Did Alex and Sabrina enjoy the planning process? 
  • 49:30 – Alex’s Advice to Listeners: “It’s all about M_ _d_e_ at the end of the day…” 
  • 51:21 – What could potentially derail this couple?! 
  • 53:51 – What does their Property Wealth Plan look like? 
  • 57:38 – What would Alex’s mum say?  
  • 59:33 – Public statements do THIS… 
  • 1:01:46 – Ben & Bryce’s Top Takeaways (You can ALWAYS change your money habits folks!) 
  • 1:07:05 – Why couples need an Independent Voice of Reason!!  
  • 1:08:15 – Eager to change your money situation? Listen to this for some of our best-selling resources — for FREE!  
  • 1:09:28 – Folks, get independent advice! (Why not try us out for size? Book in your FREE no-obligation consultation here 😊)  
  • 1:11:39 – We also want to share with you our evergreen CPA lecture on “How to Plan to Build a Passive Income For Life with Property Investment”watch it here now! 
  • 1:14:30 – We’re hitting a HUGE milestone next week...(Be sure to tune in next week for one of our BEST episodes yet…)  


Episode 398 | From Financial Anorexia to Financial Peace of Mind – Chat with Jack

“I wouldn’t be going on holidays, I wouldn’t be going on those trips or just those little things, I guess the little voice in the back of my head going, “Oh, you sure you can afford that?”  

Folks, today’s guest has been through a remarkable journey.  He’s transformed from a state of Financial Anorexia to achieving Financial Peace of Mind – but his tale doesn’t begin as you might think.

Jack didn’t grow up scrounging for pennies for the bus or living under a tight budget. Instead, he grew up in a hard-working, small business household where he was already jumping on to help with work at the age of 14!  Basically, Jack knew the value of money and had a strong work ethic from very early on. 

So…how did he become Financially Anorexic?! 

And what did he do to get himself out of the paralysis?!

That’s just some of the amazing chapters in Jack’s story – just wait till his now-wife, Hannah enters the scene and Jack has to create new Money Norms as a couple!!  

It’s a truly motivational tale about taking control of one’s life and facing one’s fears through planning. Thank you for sharing your story with us Jack, it’s a true testament to the power of taking action. 

Such an uplifting story – tune in now folks.  


P.S There’s also a sneaky story about Bryce getting sacked from a job – tune in to find out why 😉   

P.P.S. After weeks of prep, we hosted our BIGGEST webinar to date last night. Yep, we covered How to build a multimillion-dollar property portfolio in a rising interest environment and boy was it a hit! Missed out? You can still watch the replay (for a very LIMITED time only)…click here to watch it now 


Free Stuff Mentioned… 

Here’s some of the gold we cover… 

  • 0:57 – Did you miss our BIGGEST webinar ever on how to build a multimillion-dollar property portfolio in a rising interest environment?! You can catch our LIMITED TIME replay here…don’t miss out again!
  • 1:56 – Meet Jack! 
  • 3:31 – Money conversations from a small business household with 4 kids… 
  • 6:20 – How he developed a strong work ethic from 14 years old! 
  • 7:33 – The job Bryce got sacked from 😮  
  • 9:08 – Yep. When Jack turned 18 he bought a …. 
  • 9:52 – His Gap Year  
  • 12:18 – When following in your brothers’ footsteps is a good thing! 
  • 14:11 – What Jack’s first investment property was like!!  
  • 16:18 – If he was doing alright…then why did he get a plan?!?  
  • 17:50 – Having a plan forced him to face THIS question…. 
  • 18:35 – The Symptoms of Financial Anorexia  
  • 21:18 – How it manifested for this couple…(Be warned folks!!) 
  • 22:02 – How Jack faced his fears and got out of paralysis! 
  • 23:10 – What is Financial Anorexia?  
  • 25:27 – His FIRST financial plan  
  • 26:30 – “It was literally like taking the shackles off my wrists…”  
  • 27:27 – Why numbers are SO important (especially for passing… the sleep test?!) 
  • 31:06 – Folks, M_N_ _I_NG your plan is just as critical!  
  • 32:32 – Enter…Hannah!  
  • 34:20 – How they optimised their “Big Rocks in the Jar”!  
  • 36:00 – Buying their first investment property together!!  
  • 39:38 -How did they set new Money Norms in a relationship? 
  • 41:05 – Why couples NEED money conversations!! 
  • 45:24 – Listen to THIS for some timeless wisdom 
  • 47:16 – Let’s deep dive into their Property Plan… 
  • 50:04 – Jack sneaks this one in… 
  • 50:43 – Our top takeaways!  
  • 54:30 – It’s all about building confidence folks!  






RBA Cash Rate July 2022: Yet Another Cash Hike BUT Why Consumer Sentiment is not as bad as it seems?

And just like that, we’re back with another jam-packed economic and RBA update!  

This month saw the RBA lift cash rates by yet another 50 basis points, bringing the cash rate to 1.35% – the biggest month-on-month increase in 22 years and the highest cash rate since early June 2019.

Here’s our other key themes for this month’s economic update: 

  • The world’s leading economies are going to manufacture an economic slowdown to curb global inflation 
  • What do we need to do to break our current upswing in the domestic inflation cycle? 
  • Consumer Sentiment – how worried should we be? 
  • A snapshot look at the 2021 Census Data 
  • And finally, an important Property update 


Plus, Ben also includes his latest news and commentary on…

👉 US’s largest rate hike since 1994 
👉 The World Bank & The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) cuts growth forecasts
👉 What’s IN and OUT of Australia’s control with its inflation story?
👉 The positive figures in Wage Growth and Unemployment in Australia
👉 The role oversupply is playing in today’s property prices
👉 CoreLogic’s Home Value Index – 30 June 2022 

And heaps more! 


Additional free resources:

🔥 Episode 009 | Buying Counter Cyclical
🔥 Episode 73 | Building a property portfolio in a tough market – Chat with Damian Collins
🔥 Episode 76 | Building a property portfolio after the boom – Chat with Veronica Morgan
🔥 Episode 389 | Interest Rate Rise: What this means for YOU! – Chat with Evan Lucas 


And One Final Word…

If you’re worried about your finances or if you have no clarity on your cash flow position, we strongly recommend you to organise your finances now. It’s more important than ever to have a clear view, down to the exact cent, on how much you’re spending each month and how much surplus you’ve got. If you don’t know it, then log in to your Money SMARTS Platform here and update the numbers.

Don’t have an account yet? Create your free access below and we’ll also send you an e-copy of the instruction manual which is also our best-seller book, Make Money Simple Again. Just fill in the form below and we’ll email it to you right away.



DISCLAIMER: This podcast is general information only and is an opinion comment by Ben Kingsley. The information contained in this video is for Australian residents only. The information does not take into account the particular investment objectives or financial situation of any potential viewer. It does not constitute, and should not be relied on as, financial or investment advice or recommendations (expressed or implied) and it should not be used as an invitation to take up any investments or investment services. No investment decision or activity should be undertaken on the basis of this information without first seeking qualified and professional advice.

The Property Couch, its employees or contractors do not represent or guarantee that the information is accurate or free from errors or omissions and therefore provide no warranties or guarantees. The Property Couch disclaims any and all duty of care in relation to the information and liability for any reliance on investment decisions, claiming the use or guidance of this publication or information contained within it.

For more information, please visit: http://thepropertycouch.com.au








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