Episode 085 | Is NOW The Time To Invest In Property In Australia?

Are you into economics, numbers, trend lines and the Property reports released by CoreLogic? If you are, this episode is just for you! It can be a bit heavy and we recommend you to download CoreLogic Monthly Housing & Economic Chart Pack for October 2016 to have a full understanding of what Bryce and Ben would be talking today. Their focus is on Page 10 of the report, titled Investor lending is picking up again as owner occupier lending fades a little.

Bryce and Ben are also a bit concern about the current market’s movement and if we are heading towards a bubble-like scenario. If so, would now be a good time to invest in property? Tune it to find out more!


PS: They will also be talking about the recent article Ben contributed to Australian Property Investor Magazine regarding Timing vs. Time in the Market and the differences between these investing concepts!


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Ben Kingsley on ABC News 24 – Australia’s Housing Boom


Melbourne’s property prices have surged in the past month, pushing ahead of Sydney in the last quarter. The property market in Australia’s two biggest cities are currently dominated by investors who are currently making up to 60% of buyers. What had cause this housing boom in both cities and is it a good time to buy now considering the increasing prices? Ben discussed about this on ABC News 24 and will also be providing a brief update on the other states in Australia. Watch the video to learn more.




Ben Kingsley - Quote of the Day - The property couch Ben Kingsley – CEO & Founder; Property Investment Analyst and Advisor and current Chair of PIPA

Ben Kingsley is the Founding Director of Empower Wealth and Chair of Property Investment Professionals of Australia (PIPA). A qualified Property Investment Advisor (QPIA), Ben holds a Real Estate Agency License (QLD), a Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking Management, a Diploma of Business and has become one of Australia’s leading experts in property investing for wealth creation.

Episode 021 | The Negative Gearing Debate in Australia

The debate on negative gearing and how it impacts the Australian Property Market is ongoing but when the RBA suggested that negative gearing might be up for a review last week, the debate got hotter. This is further fueled by the controversy about property bubble in Sydney and how property investors play a role in it.

Ep 21 The Negative Gearing Debate in Australia - Stamp Duty taxSo this week on The Property Couch, Bryce Holdaway and Ben Kingsley decides to tackle this debate head on and discuss about the history of negative gearing, why some people are against negative gearing and how will it impact our economy if it’s being scrapped off. Start listening to this podcast to learn more.


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ABC News 24 – Property Bubble in Sydney and Melbourne?

Ben Kingsley has recently appeared as a guest on ABC News 24 – The Weekend Breakfast show. He has appeared on this show a couple of times but this time the main focus is on the Property Bubble in Sydney and Melbourne. First of all, is there a bubble? Ben has mentioned in Episode 14 that it’s not a bubble but more like a balloon. Also, he has created a free report and presentation on the Top 10 Suburbs in Sydney in 2003 and what happened to them in 2007 to help our listeners understand what he meant. In this show, he discuss further on our Treasury Secretary, John Fraser’s remark that Sydney is “unequivocally” in a property bubble, impact of the interest rate movement on Australia’s household borrowing power and loan servicing in the future. He also mentioned that the historically low interest rate at the moment will not last forever and will the Property Market crash as the interest rate starts to rise? Watch this video to find out more now.



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