Episode 145 | 8 Reasons Why Vendors Sell Before Auction

Now… it’s Framework Time!! The last framework that we’ve unpacked was Episode 137 on Tips for Buying in Spring so we think we are a little overdue for another one.

The topic that we’ll be chatting about today doesn’t happen all the time, of course, but it does happen: Vendors sell BEFORE they go to auction.

Have you ever wondered why??

Today, we’re exploring some of the main reasons explaining an early sell in this situation. Because if you’re selling (side note: hopefully you’ve received professional advice about this), it pays to know which tactics could be lurking around the corner for you. Of course, if you’re interested in buying property, it saves to know how to negotiate a win before the bidding has had a chance to begin!


So, is selling before auction as clear-cut as we might think?

Yep, today we’re digging into the heart of it:


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Episode 071 | How To Outsmart A Real Estate Agent?

Before you go on, let’s make this very clear: We have full respect for real estate agents out there. This episode is not about highlighting the differences between us and them. Instead, what we are focusing today is the full role of a real estate agent. As insiders of the industry, we noticed that a lot of buyers out there do not seem to realise that the real estate agent is not working for them. Real estate agents work on behalf of the vendor and hence, at the end of the day, the role of the agent is to sell the vendor’s property to the highest bidder so buyers should not be expecting the real estate agent to be offering them any discounted price.

So today’s episode is about understanding the process the agents have to go through, the decisions they have to make and from there, suggest a few ways that buyers can implement to outsmart a real estate agent. Bryce and Ben will be sharing their tips on reading an agent’s body language, picking up the subtle messages, what does the property price guides actually mean and more! Tune in and let us know what you think! 🙂


Other resources mentioned in this episode:

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  • Ben’s RBA Cash Rate June 2016 Announcement – Watch here


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